Essays I've written

My long-form thoughts on technology, society, and more, collected in chronological order.


What can we learn from the spirit of cash as a more down-to-earth incarnation of money?

Can crypto replace cash remittances?

Crypto remittance platforms promise instant cross-border transfers for minimal fees. Can they compete with legacy cash remittance providers?

New Gods

The religiosity that once defined American spiritual and civic life has been on the decline. That fervor has to go somewhere.

Show me the damn recipe: The SEO of cooking

How copyright law, search algorithms, and digital advertising models stand in the way of the simple recipe you are looking for.

Discord: The new digital third space

Discord is becoming new digital third space. Its rise reflects a shifting online ecology borne by a more privacy-aware public and evolving norms of online social organization.

Product Lessons for Crypto

Observations and lessons from building a user-friendly consumer crypto app.

Upgrading Democracy: Voting Meets Tech

A crop of technology-enabled nonprofits are out to upgrade the infrastructure of democracy itself by making voting accessible and user-friendly.

Nancy Drew & the Public Library

Stories are central to humanity. Books, especially when it comes to having lots of books in one place, provide a shared collective mythos for readers.