Things I’ve had fun making

I've always liked to build things. From learning how to make Flash animations and games as a kid, competing in FIRST Robotics ("the varsity sport for the mind") and creating a literary zine in high school, to launching side projects and participating in the hackathon circuit as a college student, I've always felt the need to be up to something.


    GPT-3 robo-lawyer for health insurance claim denials (Columbia Venture Competition SEAS Tech Challenge 2021 finalists)

  • Photo#

    Scripting language for command line interface photo editing (OCaml LLVM, C compiler and function library, Python parser/lexer)

  • IDEO CoLab Makeathon

    Developed an Oculus Go virtual reality prototype enabling patients and loved ones to exchange virtual reality rich “voicemails”

  • Mochi

    Slack Slackathon winner ($5000 prize): Slackbot enabling real-time feedback capture for Slack teams and communities (Node.js, Slack API)

  • CollegeWalk

    Matching prospective and current college students for authentic college tour experiences (Columbia Venture Competition finalists)

  • Pulse@CU

    Event and club discovery platform for the Columbia community, acquired 1,200+ users (Meteor.js, Heroku, Python web scraping)

  • Asobo

    3D-printed Arduino robot toy for alerting against and preventing vehicle heatstroke fatalities. Created with an international team in Paris at Ècole Polytechnique.

  • WanderWaze

    Tinder meets Google Trips for travel: Swipe to find the perfect itinerary. Finalist for Twitter-hosted hackathon.

  • Recipify

    Using the Clarifai computer vision API to identify a plate of food and search for matching recipes with the Spoonacular food API (HackNY 2016)